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You Should Play Risk of Rain

It’s a situation we’ve all found ourselves in some point of our lives. The space-truck you’ve grabbed a cheap ride on crashes on an alien planet. As the only survivor crawling out of the escape pod, you now need to shoot, claw and blow up your way back to the wreckage of the truck in hope of escaping this surprisingly hostile planet. Some call it an adventure, but I call it a playthrough of the best indie roguelike since Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain. Continue reading

Lan-games: Quake

Now that I’ve written about Sauerbraten, it’s time to discuss the originator of the rocket jumping genre, Quake. Quake 3 might be the gold standard of arena shooters, but the original Quake does still prove why it became so phenomenal in the first place. Hundreds of thousands of hours have been spent in its brown corridors, brown caricatures of space marines blasting each other to brownish red giblets with brown implements of death. So, how does this granddaddy of 3D-rendered slaughter hold up in the modern times?

Continue reading