You should play Super Hexagon

As anyone who has ever fished around in the murky depths of mobile app stores in search for gaming knows, finding something worthwhile to play on your smartphone is surprisingly difficult. Most mobile games are absolute garbage, abusive attention traps designed around nickle-and-diming your money away with absurdly offensive microtransaction-based features. It is ironic then that the game I’m a about to talk about is both absurd and abusive, but at least it’s not trying to get to your wallet. No, Super Hexagon is after your sanity. It’s a game that bores its cruel barbed drill right into your cognitive center, forcing you to submit yourself to it’s peculiar brand of hypnotic masochism. Playing Super Hexagon is probably bad for you, but it’s also one of the best gaming experiences I’ve encountered on my Android phone. Keep reading. Continue reading

You Should Play Blood Bowl

Like so many other good things, Blood Bowl is a product of time and effort. The first edition of this bizarre fantasy sports-themed boardgame was released way back in 1986 by Games Workshop, the creators of miniature games. Ever since, this curious spinoff from the company’s main Warhammer Fantasy franchise has seen over 25 years of further game development and several different editions of it’s core ruleset, currently running at 6th edition. The game has transcended its cardboard beginnings and is played with both detailed miniature models on tabletop, as well as online with the help of several different client software. The most popular online league has 66171 active accounts with up to 600 matches played daily. But what is this silly boardgame that has captured the interest of gamers for nearly three decades? Why should you be interested in it? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading

You Should Play Dota 2

The MOBA genre is not one that welcomes new players with open arms. It is renowned for its hostile playerbase, arcane mechanics and utter refusal to make things clear to newcomers. Many aspiring players have tried the stormy waters of the genre, hopeful to find whatever it is that makes these games the most popular PC games in the world. Most find themselves daunted by the murky depths of unintuitive gameplay and turbulent metagame, left shipwrecked on the cold, uncaring shores of verbal abuse and hostile attitudes. The cold hard truth is that playing MOBA games, and especially when starting out, is not always very fun. However, I am going to claim that you should still play them. Why? Keep reading. Continue reading


Wargame: European Escalation

RTS games have always caught my attention in a very special way. There is something alluring in the role of a grand general, sending your minions forth to pave your way to glory with their bravery and bodies. I have never really thought much of the usual suspects of the genre, Starcraft and its kin, having preferred tactical thinking over inhuman APM stats. A significant part of my preference of brains over reflexes can be attributed to the dusty cardboard boxes I have stashed in my basement, each one filled with meticulously painted little plastic men. Next to these boxes are the rest of the evidence: pouches filled with dice and counters, hefty rulebooks and lovingly crafted pieces of stryofoam landscape. I confess, I used to be a tabletop wargamer.That being said, a release by French developer Eugen Systems called Wargame: European Escalation caught my eye a few months before the release. This was something new, mixed with something very old: W:EE is an old school tabletop wargame imagined as a real time strategy video game. This creates a very peculiar kind of game, one that manages to capture the deliberate pace and emphasis on pre-planning of the turn-based games of old while keeping the tension and action expected of a real-time video game.

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