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Wargame: European Escalation

RTS games have always caught my attention in a very special way. There is something alluring in the role of a grand general, sending your minions forth to pave your way to glory with their bravery and bodies. I have never really thought much of the usual suspects of the genre, Starcraft and its kin, having preferred tactical thinking over inhuman APM stats. A significant part of my preference of brains over reflexes can be attributed to the dusty cardboard boxes I have stashed in my basement, each one filled with meticulously painted little plastic men. Next to these boxes are the rest of the evidence: pouches filled with dice and counters, hefty rulebooks and lovingly crafted pieces of stryofoam landscape. I confess, I used to be a tabletop wargamer.That being said, a release by French developer Eugen Systems called Wargame: European Escalation caught my eye a few months before the release. This was something new, mixed with something very old: W:EE is an old school tabletop wargame imagined as a real time strategy video game. This creates a very peculiar kind of game, one that manages to capture the deliberate pace and emphasis on pre-planning of the turn-based games of old while keeping the tension and action expected of a real-time video game.

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